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The Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic in partnership with the Czech Judicial Academy was the final beneficiary of the project no. CZ0056 “E-learning Education for Judiciary” supported from the 1st Call of the Financial Mechanisms of Norway, Priority 7.3 “Promotion of educational system in the judicial sector”.

The project activities started in 2008 and ended in April 2011, as was planned.

Total grant volume (nominal) was 498,304 EUR, total eligible expenditures were 587,000 EUR.

The beneficiary of the project was the Ministry of Justice, the co-beneficiary was the Judicial Academy.

The main goal of the project was the enhancement of the education of employees of the Czech judiciary with the use of modern technologies. The project responded to the need of a new approach towards continuous training of employees in judiciary.


  • The project was based on a thorough needs analysis of methods preferred by participants of training from the judicial sector and on e-justice concept.
  • The project was compatible with modern European trends in adult training.
  • The project created the opportunity to combine distance and face-to-face methods of training, and enabled:
  • Study anytime from anywhere (for distance part of learning);
  • Standardization and deepening of theoretical knowledge;
  • Development of practical skills;
  •  More time for solving cases and related practical issues in face-to-face part of learning;
  • Effective training and money savings.

The project was divided into several main stages (preparatory stage, implementation of infrastructure, implementation of study modules, pilot testing, evaluation) and presupposed the achievement of the following indicators:



Number of pilot modules


Number of trained authors   


Number of study modules                


Number of manuals created for work in electronic system(s)


Number of participants of electronic training


-  out of which participants of pilot training


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In relation with the results of the pilot testing, thorough needs analysis and the Judicial Academy Training Programme the topics of individual study modules were suggested in a way that it is possible, if needed, to use them for three subsequent levels, namely:

1st level – general (general study modules developed for initial training course for trainees, introductory modules developed for different branches of law; target groups – primarily trainees; also assistants to judge)

2nd level – specific (specific study modules developed for different branches of law; target groups – primarily trainees; also assistants to judge with respect to their specialization)

3rd level – specialized (specialized study modules primarily developed for training of judges and prosecutors aiming to build on requirements of judicial practice and to focus on relevant legal issues with support of judicature)

As regards technological aspects, the project enabled to interconnect electronic systems of the Judicial Academy into one seamless unit. The created electronic platform, so-called educational portal enables for any participant of the training either to register through the platform to presence training or to start study the chosen e-learning study module.

Positive interest in using new technologies and modern training methods in education was evidenced by the number of participants in pilot courses together with the interest in creation of study modules in more fields than originally expected. Detailed information is available in the Final Report and other materials containing the project evaluation on:





Number of pilot modules


Number of trained authors


Number of study modules


Number of manuals


Number of participants of electronic training


- out of which participants of pilot testing


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The main project goal – to enhance professional level of employees in the Czech judiciary in different specialist fields by electronic training – has been achieved.

All results of the project are available to the Czech judiciary even after the project ended. Project sustainability is ensured primarily by availability of the project study modules in the Judicial Academy educational portal. Thus, each employee of the judicial sector has an opportunity to enhance and increase the qualification in study programmes of blended and distance learning. 

Main outcomes and benefits of the project can be traced in increasing number of trained employees in the judicial sector, the reduction of time and financial costs of training (by the use of blended and distance learning the costs of transport, accommodation and meals are reduced) and in the implementation of modern flexible technology enabling enhancement of professional level of employees in the judiciary and the increase of quality of their work.

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